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"A clear state of balance provides the foundation for health and happiness, and brings a person closer to his or her true nature."


Sally Thursby

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Office at 205 Billings Farm Rd, Building 3 upstairs, White River Junction, VT

Since 1994, in addition to massage, I have been studying and practicing subtle bodywork modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, Process & Clinical Acupressure, Zero Balancing, and now Sound Code Therapy.  I came to massage & bodywork after 28 years as an early childhood special educator, and am grateful to have found a new realm of fascination, investigation, collaboration and healing.


I combine massage with subtle Eastern and Western approaches to work with core body energies and patterns. Unexpected shifts in awareness occur, as well as relief from stress, chronic conditions, and physical and emotional discomfort. 


Most recently, I have become certified in Sound Code Therapy, a modality that very gently addresses spinal alignment, starting with the top vertebrae called the Atlas.  Learning about the Atlas and the immense importance of its correct positioning provides a crucial missing piece, both for myself and my clients.


Located at the base of the brain stem, the Atlas is the gateway between the brain and the body. Once the Atlas is correctly aligned, a profound self-healing process begins. In the following days, weeks,  and months  old injuries, illnesses, and traumas release spontaneously, bringing new levels of wellness, vitality and awareness. The person's true nature emerges ever more fully. See for more information.



Wellness, release, relief, balance, alignment, grounding, acceptance, presence, awareness, expansion, vitality, transformation, awakening


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